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The heart of Southeast Asia lies with the potential of high-net worth individuals as the economy continues to flourish. Acting upon the potential of a luxury industry in the region, Pyur Luxury Concierge was created by a team of innovators who understand service and grandeur, we work with a sense of passion. Our Private Membership and Corporate Membership cater to each of our member's demands for Pyur Luxury. We are here to provide you bespoke lifestyle management, be it for personal or professional needs.


Our Private Membership is for those who want to access Pyur Luxury’s exclusive services for their personal endeavours. As we aim to deliver a unique experience to our clients, our members will have round-the- clock access to a dedicated Lifestyle Manager. Being a member of Pyur Luxury, you will be treated as a VIP among our merchants and partners.


Pyur Luxury extends its services to businesses across and beyond Asia. Bespoke services can be arranged for elite executives and we can unequivocally accommodate your needs and demands in accordance with your brand. Mirroring your excellence in global markets, we pave the way for you to achieve your short-term and long-term goals as a commercial entity.

You deserve to be pampered by the best hands Asian hospitality can offer.
Go beyond comfort and experience lifestyle made regal.

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